ABD-MB350WA 350w 17R Waterproof Moving Head Beam Fixture

waterproof design lamp is designed for outdoor projects our company,
fountains, plazas, parks, gardens and other outdoor lighting design placed the
long-term pattern of lights, lamps and all-aluminum shell,
each seams are highly elastic repulsion water sealing tape embedded,
fully ensure the internal parts from external influence rainfall.

Key features

  • Light system: YODN 17R
  • Color System: Color Wheel: 14 + 1, rainbow effect
  • System design: design: 17 + 1 fixed pattern white
  • Focus System: Electric Focus
  • Linear dimming curve: 0% -100% linear dimming
  • Prism system: eight prism, rotating, macro function
  • Display: LCD display accommodate different mounting positions
  • Horizontal / Vertical:
    waterproof light fixtures do 540 °
    horizontal and 270 ° vertical scanning, fast and smooth,
  • Fixture intelligent photoelectric correction system reset, accidental malfunction,it can automatically restore the original position.
  • Cooling system:
    Power Module Design
  • Channel DMX: 16CHS
  • Waterproof grade: IP 55
  • Dimensions: 650×590×920mmmm (length × width × height, head straight up)
  • Weight: 35kg

Color System: Color Wheel: 14 + 1, rainbow effect